Want to read a story about me?

So, this is the part where I try to tell you the tale of my journey. Well, basically I am a dude living in the city of Pretoria, that has a keen interest in the world of UX / UI design and software development. After completing my studies, I started my quest to become a designer / developer and to spark the idea of 'creativity in every corner' in the lives of all my clients. I want to bring life to all my projects and showcase that design is just as important as function. This lead to an interest in a range of other formats ( not only web ), where I could express this idea. So yeah, like I said, I am a dude living in the city of Pretoria, with an interest in UX / UI design and software development, but also other kool things like IoT, app development and robotics ( which I share with my girlfriend ).

1. Vectra.

UX Designer / Frontend Developer April 2019 - Current vectra.co.za

2. Arivia.

UX / UI Designer (Freelance) August 2019 - Current arivia.io

3. Magnetic Creative.

Web Designer / Frontend Developer November 2017 - March 2019 mag.cr

4. Webalytics.

Web Designer / Frontend Developer (Freelance) January 2017 - March 2019 webalytics.co

5. Verge Technologies.

Graphic Designer February 2017 - October 2017 verge.co.za

Things you did not know.

This part in the about me page is all about, well, you guessed it, me... So if you would like to know more about me, as in 'Hey, what's your achievements', or 'Dude, what new tech stack are you learning', then this is the place you can read more on that. Also, if you are lucky you might get to see the latest track I am streaming all day, errrry day...


2 x CSS Reel ( Winner of the day )

2 x Web Guru Awards ( Guru of the day )

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React Native