Build cool sh!t.

Hi there, I'm Léan, and these are some of my skills.

What started out as a degree in graphic design, lead to a career in UX / UI design and frontend development. The idea of motion and interaction in design while breaking, yet still adhering to, the rules of layout grabbed my attention and sparked a need for knowledge and skill development in path of design and development with a focus on interaction design (ID) and micro interactions (MI).

1. UX.

Adobe XD Sketch InVision Studio

2. UI.

Adobe XD - Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator - Sketch InVision Studio

3. MI.

SVG - CSS SCSS - Javascript jQuery - GSAP AnimeJS

4. ID.

Adobe XD Sketch InVision Studio

5. FED.

HTML - CSS SCSS - Javascript jQuery - VueJS NuxtJS - ReactJS GatsbyJS - WordPress Shopify